The Department of Mathematics offers a program of study leading to the B.A., B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Mathematics, the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.degrees in Applied Mathematics, and the B.S. and M.S in Statistics. The Mathematics Department also offers, jointly with the Finance Department and ISE Department, the M.S. in Analytical Finance.

The graduate program in mathematics at Lehigh University provides a supportive atmosphere in which students can pursue study and research in a broad spectrum of subjects, including algebra, analysis, differential equations, discrete mathematics, geometry, logic, mathematical biology, number theory, probability, set theory, statistics and topology.

The Journal of Differential Geometry is published at Lehigh University.

Mathematics is a subject of great intrinsic power and beauty. It is the universal language of science, and is essential for a clear and complete understanding of virtually all phenomena. Mathematical training prepares a student to express and analyze problems and relationships in a logical manner in a wide variety of disciplines, including the physical, engineering, social, biological, and medical sciences, business, and pure mathematics itself. This is a principal reason for the perpetual need and demand for mathematicians in education, research centers, government, and industry.

Our department combines world-class research with dedication to teaching. We are large enough to be able to offer a wide spectrum of courses in mathematics and its applications, comparable to those offered at much larger institutions. Yet we are small enough so that close faculty-student interaction is the norm. Indeed, small class sizes and individual attention by faculty are hallmarks of our undergraduate program. Advanced undergraduates may, and often do, take advantage of our graduate program by taking courses at the graduate level.